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Hide io MOD APK Unlimited Coins

Hide io

Unlimited coins are available in the Hide io mod apk. You can do a lot of stuff with coins, like get slots and characters.

Game Overview

Name Hide io
Dev iGene
Package com.igenesoft.hide
Category Hide Seek
MOD Version 4.3
Similar to MilkChoco, Object Hunt

Hide N Seek Game Hide

Hide.io is a hide-and-search game with other players from all over the world. There are more than 20 people in the same round. Some players have to hide and dress up in an environment, others have to find other players.

The game will start running depending on the position you play. If you become a cop, you must wait for your competitor to hide for 30 seconds. You should try to recall the general mood while waiting. However, you need to hide and not be seen in the world if you are an entity.

Per round of Hide.io takes up to three minutes. When all things cannot be found by the police, the object will win. However, the police won the round if the police managed to locate all the items in less than three minutes.

MOD Feature: Coins

Hide io MOD APK Screenshot

Hide io cheats can send you an unlimited money. You will use them to acquire several slots and to refresh the game in order to gain entry to new spaces.

Download Hide io MOD APK

Hide.io’s a very fun game because it offers a very unique smartphone game. The game is also almost unlimited because every time a new round begins the shape is randomised. If that’s not enough, don’t forget that the game has simple and colorful visuals.

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