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Identity V MOD APK Unlimited Echoes

Identity V

There are several advantages of utilizing Identity V mod apk. You can receive an unlimited echoes, the game’s premium currency. You may use echoes in a number of respects, including for motivation and other purposes.

Game Overview

Name Identity V
Dev NetEase Games
Package com.netease.idv.googleplay
Category Hide Seek
MOD Version 4.2
Similar to MilkChoco, Sky: Children of the Light

Ready For Everything

Are you a hunter or a prey, Identity V? Whether hunting or hunting! Gamers get ready to pump your andrenaline, because we’re joining an exciting party in its time! I present the first mobile horror Identity V asymmetric game.

This game was played by NetEase maker FortCraft and Survival Rules. NetEase, in partnership with Digital Behavior, makes this game Dead by Daylight. Can this game be as good as its inspiration as Dead by Daylight? This question will be answered this time through my review.

This game is not only a battlefield against 1 hunter for 4 survivors, but also a story plot for the detective to find traces of a lost girl. Here are some awful clues around the place.

Many to choose characters, You can choose and play as different characters, Identity V gives the players numerous options for the characters to play. In addition to the dressing up of your characters, playing with characters that match your strategy will not be possible in this game.

Hunter Or Survivor

Intense asymmetrical fight! The only way out of this horror is to decode the chipboard. Players must therefore find and secure all the cipher towers on the map at different places. After the chip is decoded, the player can open the exit gate to run and escape on each level.

On the other hand, players can also enjoy life as a hunter, where you are all used to killing a hunter. We’re not only catching our prey here, but you can torture them as well. Your goal as a hunter is to capture the victims who work together to prevent the terror of the hunters.

MOD Feature: Echoes

Identity V MOD APK Screenshot

Do you want to get the character some music or accessories? Then, to create echoes, use Identity V cheats. This is the most current echoes generator to reach the market.

Download Identity V MOD APK

What makes Identity V a game of exceptional experience is that it’s a hunter or a survivor that we can choose to become. If you decide to be a survivor, you have to work with three other players to get away from a ruthless hunter, teamwork will significantly determine the success of your escape.

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