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Dead By Daylight MOD APK Unlimited Auric Cells

Dead By Daylight

Unlimited auric cells are available in the Dead by Daylight mod apk, allowing you to complete your character set and costumes. Boost the games by adding some new survivors and hunters.

Game Overview

Name Dead By Daylight
Dev Behaviour Interactive
Package Special
Category Hide Seek
MOD Version 4.6
Similar to Identity V, Tom and Jerry Chase

Horror Survivor And Killer

Dead by Daylight is a 4v1 online horror game in which four teammates are pursued by a psychopathic murderer in a horrific nightmare. You will either act as an iconic assassin or attempt to escape a gruesome ordeal in this dangerous cat and mouse video.

Fans of Dead by Daylight will be able to explore the same games and game modes on their handheld devices, plus different controls and apps designed specifically for mobile devices.

This game follows a serial killer who is content to kill four people, all of whom are controlled by the player. As a Survivor, you’ll be asked to walk across the map as quietly as possible while avoiding the Killer. You are given a generator engine to switch on and operate in order to open the door to independence.

The Killer will be alerted to your location by each generator’s special warning. To stop being killed by Killer, you must frequently use hiding places.

Killer’s task is to apprehend the Survivors and hang them on meat hooks to be sacrificed to a variety of Lovecraftian monsters. Any of the Killer and Suvivor characters in this game has unique powers.

MOD Feature: Auric Cells

Dead By Daylight MOD APK Screenshot

Dead by Daylight cheats allows you to make unlimited money. Auric Cells are a luxury in-game currency that help you collect the survivor and killer skins.

Download Dead By Daylight MOD APK

They’re all here to cause mayhem and spice up the game’s unique matches. Whether you want to check out the most recent titles in the horror genre with a survival mode.

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