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Weapon Heroes Infinity Forge MOD APK Unlimited Gems

Weapon Heroes Infinity Forge

You will get Unlimited Gems by using the Weapon Heroes Infinity Forge mod apk. These Gems will then be used to improve your Gold stock. The gold will then be used to update your current weapons. You may also use Gems to acquire premium Gacha in order to unlock exclusive characters with high ability scores.

Game Overview

Name Weapon Heroes Infinity Forge
Dev Gamepub
Package com.gamepub.mc.g
Category Idle Clicker
MOD Version 4.1
Similar to Retro Hero Mr Kim : Idle RPG, +9 God Blessing Knight – Cash Knight

Not Just A Clicker Idle

Weapon Heroes Infinity Forge comes with nice and interesting chibi characters. There are four servers, namely Archangel Wings, Shining Space, Hell’s Apocalypse and Luck’s Emperor. All servers are used to host all players playing this game.

At the start of the game, a tutorial guided by a character named Sophie will be asked. You can reach the Ego Weapon level if you combine weapons successfully.

Ego weapons can be divided into 4 types, namely High Stamina and High Defense Tanks, High Damage, Moderate Defense Knight, High Damade Mage and Long Distance Target, and Priest can increase Allies and cure status.

MOD Feature: Gems

Weapon Heroes Infinity Forge MOD APK Screenshot

Weapon Heroes Infinity Forge cheats may be used to purchase exclusive products at the store with unlimited Money. Gold drop numbers, Soul drop amounts, Relic Update Stone, Transcendence Stone, Awakening Stone, Endless Orb, and Obsidian are all eligible for purchase. Each object is needed to improve your character.

Download Weapon Heroes Infinity Forge MOD APK

The core of this RPG game is to create weapons and combine them to make new weapons more powerful.

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