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Cell to Singularity MOD APK Unlimited Darwinium

Cell to Singularity

You can use the unlimited Darwinium function from the Cell to Singularity mod apk to get a premium upgrade. Build fresh lives and think about different aspects.

Game Overview

Name Cell to Singularity
Dev ComputerLunch
Package com.computerlunch.evolution
Category Idle Clicker
MOD Version 4.2
Similar to Plague Inc., WorldBox – Sandbox God Simulator

The Cosmic Life Story

There was absolutely no life in the solar system at one point, more than 4.5 billion years ago. And suddenly everything changed in the blink of an eye. There is an organic material inside the newly formed planet, called Earth, which will later become a source of life. But this life won’t go on without assistance. That’s where you’re needed in a Cell to Singularity game.

ComputerLunch is a clicker game for you that tells a fairy tale about the evolution of life. Starting from the formation of DNA, the creation of dinosaurs, the extinction of dinosaurs, the discovery of fire, etc., players will restart life from scratch, to reach modern times and more.

Cell is a bit unique in comparison with typical clicker games. Players created the earth first, then created a body with Entropy. Entropy is an evolutionary money obtained by repeatedly tapping the game-style screen of the clicker, each tap is used to produce Entropy.

The “evolution” in this game is indeed a kind of tech-tree, since players may choose to buy anything in the evolutionary branch they want. You can buy Entropy on a monthly basis, or you can buy DNA so that you can automatically generate Entropy per second. In other words, the upgrade is entirely embedded in the development of life on earth.

Flow Of Time

If players want to speed up the game, there is a function called Time Flux. With the flow of time, whose icon is similar to the flow condenser in the Back the Future movie, players can accelerate Entropy time in no time. Time Flux will be paid, and can be used only by Darwinium, the premium currency.

Nearly all clicker games are free, and cell to singularity can, of course, also be played free of charge. There is no need for an Internet connection so that signal difficulties are not a barrier to this evolving game. If players want additional Entropy, you are naturally welcome to view an ad video (which of course needs to be online). Microtransactions are provided by buying a premium currency named Darwinium for those who want to speed-up the game.

MOD Feature: Darwinium

Cell to Singularity MOD APK Screenshot

Cheats for Cell to Singularity give you unlimited money. To raise more money than before, miss the moment.

Download Cell to Singularity MOD APK

Even if the genre is a clicker, Cell to Singularity is possibly an evolutionary science game where players can see how life is created. From cellular individuals to multicellular animals, fish, reptiles, mammals, monkeys, humans and many more. Do you think people will evolve into the next step? Find out the singularity in Cell!

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