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Infinity Dungeon MOD APK Unlimited Gems

Infinity Dungeon

The Infinity Dungeon mod apk can supply you with an unlimited gems. You can purchase anything you want with these stones. On Wizard characters, for example, you can upgrade Spells, and on Knight characters, you can upgrade weapons. Strengthen the Knight character such that he can more quickly pick up after the opponent. While the Wizard character can be used to grant all characters extra HP so they can begin playing without losing.

Game Overview

Name Infinity Dungeon
Dev Zabob Studio
Package com.sosc.firstfantasy1
Category Idle Clicker
MOD Version 4.3
Similar to Job Hunt Heroes : Idle RPG, Idle Defense: Dark Forest Classic

Final Battle

In the Infinity Dungeon you are playing as a knight and a wizard that wants to get rich by exploiting the contents of the “finishless labyrinth” with a bunch of faithful dwarves on the surface. The herd of dwarves will fill your financial boxes by digging every floor you had previously conquered to make the deeper you have, the more gold you collect in every minute.

Like other RPG runner games, in the Dungeon Infinity! You still go through a linear two-dimensional view to bulldoze a swarm of enemies. This means that the two characters will continue until their lives are exhausted and then return to the surface via the available portal doors. The funny thing is that your character was slid into the portal with a quite hilarious answer from the enemy. You will be confused and even swear polite when you see your hero running to the surface.

Choosing The Best Approach

Another thing that makes Infinity Dungeon! interesting is the focus of the game that focuses on your strategy by making use of each character’s special abilities. Because you have very little regeneration energy, you are encouraged to think tactically about whether a special attack should be launched. In addition to the Infinity Dungeon! it also has lovely visuals in a flat style that looks pretty good when played.

Through these options, you can increase your knight’s durability and attacks, heal your magician, etc. In addition, you can also invest in the dwarves’ gold mining activities to make lots of money every minute. Start with the purchase of gold coins that you can take from them and increase the money they make every second.

Besides these shortcomings, my favorite part of this game in Infinity Dungeon is how easy it is to find money and gems (the IAP currency). Yeah, when you invest diligently in the dwarves’ money, you don’t have enough money to purchase the upgrade that you want.

MOD Feature: Gems

Infinity Dungeon MOD APK Screenshot

Infinity Dungeon cheats may also be used to upgrade your knight, sorcerer, or dwarf characters. You can also shop one-of-a-kind products such as the Magic Stone, which will instantly transport you across 200 floors. You may also purchase Booster Mining to maximize the amount of gold you get.

Download Infinity Dungeon MOD APK

Infinity Dungeon! is essentially an inconvenient RPG, where you explore a number of dungeons in repetitive, linear runner-style battles.

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