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Murder in the Alps MOD APK Unlimited Energy

Murder in the Alps

For those who are interested in playing this detective game, you can try Murder in the Alps mod apk. You can also get an unlimited energy. You can buy different hints with energy, so you won’t have to worry.

Game Overview

Name Murder in the Alps
Dev Nordcurrent
Package com.nordcurrent.murderinalps
Category Mystery
MOD Version 4.3
Similar to Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure, Criminal Case

Solve The Mystery Of Iceberg

Murder in the Alps, Iceberg’s Mystery Killer. One thing I’ve probably dreamed about since I was a child is being a detective. Watching TV about detectives was an enjoyable outlet at that time. Of course, after I changed into adulthood, that changed a little. I know that being a detective isn’t an easy thing to turn your palm. A long school and a strong instinct are necessary for a detective. But stories can be different from reality, of course.

Mount Snow Chain Murder, Murder is a hidden object game in the Alps. You’ll play Anna Myers, a Zurich journalist who stays in a hotel. The hotel’s pleasant reception did not last long. The longer you stay, the stranger the events around the hotel begin to appear. Although the hotel is the main place, you will not stay in hotels or rooms. Some missions take you around the hotel and you must solve puzzles after puzzles to get there.

Rich Puzzle Interaction, Like most hidden object games, some missions require you among many other objects to search for various objects. Murder in the Alps offers a new game by adding something to the object’s mechanism inside, making the game more challenging and making finding a particular object certainly more difficult. Games are not just rotating on the same mechanism.

Different Finishing Puzzle

Sometimes you have to solve puzzles of various forms, such as solitaire. This mechanism change certainly does not make the game monotonous and repeatable. Paths of Tensile Story, All of the puzzles you have to complete are well wrapped in an interesting and tense story. This is what keeps you moving from puzzle to puzzle. This game is a game, so it contains an energy system. You can choose to wait or pay for some energy and play again.

Tension isn’t at the start of the story, but it goes farther inside. So if you’re not a patient, you obviously don’t get the same story that the player tries to show. Good imagery with character, a fantastic visual appearance and interesting story make me recommend murder in the Alps. I think it’s the game you’re looking for especially if you’re a lover of hidden object games.

MOD Feature: Energy

Murder in the Alps MOD APK Screenshot

If you’re impatient, use Murder in the Alps cheats right away. As a consequence, you won’t have to wait long for your energy to be replenished. You should end the gripping tale right away.

Download Murder in the Alps MOD APK

What I like most is the execution of the story of Murder In The Alps. Changes between the puzzle and the plot have been good and do not seem to make up.

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