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Park Escape MOD APK Unlimited Coins

Park Escape

You can use unlimited coins in Park Escape mod apk. Hints are bought with coins. The symbol itself is fascinating, since it represents a cellphone used to call individuals who may be called for assistance.

Game Overview

Name Park Escape
Dev 成都品游科技有限公司(PapaBox)
Package com.papabox.dreamland.gg10
Category Mystery
MOD Version 4.1
Similar to Hotel Of Mask – Escape Room Game, Escape Room:Escape The Room Games of Horror Asylum

Spooky Inquiry

Let’s get to know the PapaBox game Park Escape. In this game players act as Liang Bowen to study the mystery of the abandoned amusement park thoroughly. Although it’s an escape room game, Park Escape presentation is more about an adventure game. Although the concept remains the same, players don’t attempt to escape from a room, but instead find a way into the next theme park.

The way to play is more or less the same as the game. Players examine the available fields to find interesting things, such as collecting objects or opening gates. The way to investigate the objects on the screen is by touching them. If the object is interacting with, a text that explains the object will come out, or there is a conversation that can be an indication between Liang Bowen and Han Qiuyu.

Type Of Escape Room

Pay attention to the items in the inventory of the player. This item can be combined with other items when you’ve got a lock icon. This can also be seen if the player touches the item on the stock, because depending on what you want to combinate, a menu appears to combine items. The player can, for example, combine a vacant gun with bullets to recharge the bullets in Liang Bowen’s gun.

Park Escape’s loveliest thing is the artwork it uses. Whether it is Liang Bowen, Han Qiuyu and others, the characters in this game all use anime art. You even have different expressions when you talk. The artwork itself is not left out, beautiful to see.

One of the strengths of Park Escape is the lack of online obligations. Players can enjoy this game casually without a stamina or when the signal is lost. Players can watch an ad video if you want free coins. But at least the price for purchasing coins through microtransactions is quite low.

MOD Feature: Coins

Park Escape MOD APK Screenshot

Park Escape cheats give you Unlimited money, enabling you to use hints at any time. Running games become simple and fast as a result of this.

Download Park Escape MOD APK

Park Escape isn’t “a new escape room game.” The mysterious garden with a dark and mysterious nuance makes it very exciting to pursue your investigations with the policemen Liang Bowen and Han Qiuyu. In addition, this game is free, there is no excuse not to play it.

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