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MU ORIGIN 2 MOD APK Unlimited Diamonds VIP


MU ORIGIN 2 mod apk activates VIP 15 and creates unlimited diamonds. Get a lot of high-quality appliances and consumables for your character. On the last VIP levels, you will even get a lot of perks.

Game Overview

Dev Webzen Inc.
Package com.webzen.muorigin2.global.google
Category MMORPG
MOD Version 4.6
Similar to Era of Celestials, MuAwaY

Three Primary Classes

Just as the first version, in MU ORIGIN 2, you can select three classes at the beginning: Swordsman, Mage and Archer. Each class has its own advantages with these three classes, where Swordsman is good for close fighting, Mage has a fairly big damage burst and Archers can attack from afar.

You can find different game modes, such as Arena, Event and Battle Dungeon. Each arena has its own place where you can easily go. Contrary to most MMORPG games, MU ORIGIN 2 has an auto fighting feature, without fear of losing too much battery power. In addition to making the game more interesting, WEBZEN limits itself to players entering events and dungeons per day, so that in addition to those features the players can enjoy.

Explanation Of Skill

The name of the MMORPG game is certainly not complete unless it talks about skills and status. If you don’t want to manually set your status, AI will assist you later to assign your status according to the job you choose. Naturally, every time you step up, you will receive some attribute points that you can assign later if you disable the Auto feature.

MU ORIGIN 2 has 8 active abilities for the skill itself, where each ability can be increased. In addition, every skill has sub-competencies, which you can use as your main skill later. To unlock subcapabilities in different ways, you can achieve things simply by reaching some level, and there are things that you can only achieve through searches.

MOD Feature: Diamonds VIP

MU ORIGIN 2 MOD APK Screenshot

MU ORIGIN 2 cheats allow you to obtain an unlimited money. Use the diamond mod to improve your journey experience.


MU ORIGIN 2 also automatically adapts combat and travel systems. You can make your character fly elsewhere, battle monsters and complete quests only with one touch of a finger.

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