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Game of Thrones Conquest MOD APK Unlimited Gold

Game of Thrones Conquest

You will get unlimited gold in Game of Thrones Conquest mod apk. This is the newest mod on the market, and it helps you to use gold to speed up your construction development.

Game Overview

Name Game of Thrones Conquest
Dev Warner Bros. International Enterprises
Package com.wb.goog.got.conquest
Category MMORPG
MOD Version 4.1
Similar to King of Avalon: Dominion, Dawn of Titans: War Strategy RPG

Build The Dragon Raise Kingdom

GOT: Conquest can enable you to play as the Lord or Lady in the Westeros world, and develop a strategy for the Iron Throne and the seven Kingdoms.

You can make your own Sigil and soldiers against rivals in Westeros. You can also later destroy from the inside the enemy house, or send a military to their castle.

As for the story, Game of Thrones, like Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Petyr Baelish and many others, is also familiar. Each audience of Game of Thrones certainly has its own opinions about who can sit on the Iron Throne, but you can make this game a King of 7 Kingdoms ahead of Jon, Daenerys and Cersei.

Westeros adventure is certainly not easy, but all the players in the world can recruit alliances. You need a friend who will fight with you later, if you want to win a big City like Winterfell, Kings Landing and Casterly Rock. More than 120 unique cities in the world of Westeros can be mastered afterwards.

MOD Feature: Gold

Game of Thrones Conquest MOD APK Screenshot

Your path would be helped if you use Game of Thrones Conquest cheats. You will support the Targaryens by bolstering the powers with gold.

Download Game of Thrones Conquest MOD APK

Game of Thrones: Conquest is a mobile MMO strategy game in which you must be good in politics and plan for threats while expanding your Home.

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