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Last Hope TD MOD APK Unlimited Money

Last Hope TD

Last Hope TD mod apk will assist you in obtaining an unlimited money. This mod makes it easy to battle zombies and helps you to upgrade much of the game’s transactions.

Game Overview

Name Last Hope TD
Dev JE Software AB
Package com.JESoftware.LastHopeTD
Category Tower Defense
MOD Version 4.2
Similar to Zombie Defense, Orcs Warriors: Offline Tower Defense

The World’s Defending End

You have to pass every wave about this game to win this game. You have to devise the right strategy to win your Last Hope TD game so that zombies don’t cross the red line.

Zombies have a lot of types in this tower defense zombie game, from ordinary zombies, zombies with large bodies and zombie-animals.

The workshop will upgrade your tower and building, and the workshop will also enhance skills. To upgrade, you must wait until the upgrade is completed, maybe it’s like COC. And in the workshop you can buy new arteries with silver.

You can get free silver by doing the last-hope TD game. The more you complete, the more silver you get, but the higher the silver you get, the harder it is to accomplish.

Heroes Explaining

Heroes can be used in battle, heroes have skills to help you fight. Last Hope heroes have a variety of skills. The hero who played the game for the first time is an example of the picture above.

Or you could buy a hero with your own money at the cost of each offered hero. The picture above is the hero that I want to use, because it looks cool and uses a robot.

Hero can also use weapons, clothes, guards and other equipment. Each hero has its own features, so the hero’s items are different. You can also buy new equipment with silver, you have to increase your hero level for cool equipment.

MOD Feature: Money

Last Hope TD MOD APK Screenshot

Last Hope TD cheats give the character more coins (or silver coins). To defend the town, you may purchase new defensive arms.

Download Last Hope TD MOD APK

Your data set must prevent zombies from crossing the bridge, so that zombies do not move through. You need to upgrade your tower to be stronger in order to defeat zombies. The stronger the towers and the higher the floor, the stronger your defense will be.

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