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Caravan War MOD APK Unlimited Gems

Caravan War

A Caravan War mod apk is also available, which will make the players’ journey much simpler. Specifically, by having an unlimited Diamonds, which can then be used to acquire unlimited Gold and Freight.

Game Overview

Name Caravan War
Package com.hikergames.caravanwar
Category Tower Defense
MOD Version 4.5
Similar to Tower Defense Kingdom: Advance Realm, Kingdom Defense: The War of Empires (TD Defense)

Main Gameplay Defense

Like Caravan War, the title of the game itself, this game raises the subject of the caravan’s fight against each other. This is a kind of car that can be lived in or walked in for people who do not know what a caravan is. This caravan includes the freight traded by players in order to make a profit. Just like other tower defense games, players must be able to collect gold to develop. Players must sell the cargo in the caravan in order to get the gold. The challenge, however, is to protect players from enemy attacks so that gold is not stolen. Players can also rob other players of gold.

At the start of this game, players will be later given a square land, which can be constructed as their headquarters. In that base players must build their own taverns and then build troops, armaments, garages and many others.

Upgradeable Construction

Each building can be upgraded to the level it has achieved. The development of buildings certainly takes quite a long time and costs a great deal. The higher the level they reach, the harder the building in their headquarters can be developed. Nevertheless, of course, the even bigger headquarters also has a large trading transaction, which is a clear advantage for players to set up the strategy.

Players must increase the number of weapons and have strong protectors around their base. Because if not, other players will easily rob the caravan. But players cannot necessarily do this easily to reach the trade.

MOD Feature: Gems

Caravan War MOD APK Screenshot

If you’ve used Caravan War cheats, you’ve probably witnessed the excitement of playing with an unlimited supply of capital, right? You have the choice of updating the structure or buying a Mega Legendary Chest. You can fly to the highest title, Red Kraken 3, with full power.

Download Caravan War MOD APK

In all cases, the ability of players to complete all campaigns in the game is very strong. This is useful for them in order to open all towers in the game and then compete in multiplayer mode. This is obviously very helpful for players, particularly if they are serious about playing and joining a clan.

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