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Cursed Treasure 2 MOD APK Unlimited Skulls

Cursed Treasure 2

You can play at the level level in this title. The level will feel easy and easy at first, but when you move farther away from the opponent, the level will get more challenging. Skulls are required to purchase gold and mana. To get the Unlimited Skulls function, use the Cursed Treasure 2 mod apk.

Game Overview

Name Cursed Treasure 2
Dev Armor Games
Package ru.iriysoft.cursedtreasure2
Category Tower Defense
MOD Version 4.5
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Gems Protect

Cursed Treasure 2 is a tower defense anti-mainstream game where players must guard heirloom joys against good human heroes trying to pick up these gems.

Long story short, we just talked about details of the gameplay. There’s a small piece of the puzzle in this game where towers can get up anywhere, for example. Cursed Treasure 2 has 3 types of towers that have 3 different colours, green towers are built in green, blue in blue and red in red. Even those lands cannot always be opened, sometimes you must clear the land with mana from trees.

Oh yeah, you’re going to act here, as I said before. So don’t be surprised that you are building a tower with Orcs, Undeads and Demons. It’s not visible, but the story is visible. Tower Dense (in green) with Orks will shoot arrows, crypts (blue) with magic attacks from the Undead problem and temples (red), with Demon’s fire sprouting at the heroes.

You can say this game will upset you. Should I use the one to clean the land to build the tower, or should I save it later to open the support building? Or should I save it when a difficult wave happens for use in a spell? Which is longer-term or short-term use more important?

Enhance Your Abilities

In Cursed Treasure 2, you should first think about gems you need to save. The main aim of this game is to protect and protect a cave with five gems. Heroes come to the cave to attack and take a gem, but have to go back to the door to steal the gem. Well, if you kill him in the middle of the trip, the gem falls in the middle of the road, so for the next heroes it’s easier to take this gem as you don’t have to reach the cave in order to reach it.

Then don’t forget to purchase skills before you start, remember this is very important. How many beneficial variants on the skills in the game and if you do not buy those skills, you will definitely be overwhelmed.

MOD Feature: Skulls

Cursed Treasure 2 MOD APK Screenshot

Cursed Treasure 2 cheats are highly valuable in completing the level. For unlimited Skulls, there’s no reason to be perplexed; you can purchase gold from anywhere at any moment.

Download Cursed Treasure 2 MOD APK

If you look at a glance, this defense tower game may be the same as other tower defense games, but you have to know some of the unique features of the gameplay that will offer a distinct impression on the defense tower game packaging.

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