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The Greedy Cave MOD APK Unlimited Crystals

The Greedy Cave

The key advantages of using The Greedy Cave mod apk are as follows. Here you can get an unlimited crystals (some people like to say it unlimited diamonds). Crystals may be used to acquire specialized weapons and armour for your character.

Game Overview

Name The Greedy Cave
Dev Avalon-Games
Package com.avalon.cave
Category RPG
MOD Version 4.1
Similar to The Greedy Cave 2: Time Gate, Jobmania – Eternal Dungeon

The Story Of The Game

Are you fond of the Roguelike dungeon crawler game? If so, you can try The Greedy Cave, a game for iOS and Android developed by Avalon-Games. The Greedy Cave tells the story of a fantasy world located on the Milton continent.

The land where power is obtained by swords and magic, where people devote themselves to swords and sorceries, they can be powerful fighters, wise sorcerers or great adventurers. But there are many kingdoms standing on the continent that share national borders but are united by history. Many stories, community, upheaval and moments of peace have gone by.

The story begins in a northern kingdom called the devil, which is often forgotten. There are numerous wild animals, a place in which people erode their lives from the earth’s products and become a mineral for southern monks. An adventurer stumbled into the hole until one day. He never came back, it is said, but he actually managed to come back with a sack of gold and many other sparkling treasures.

Upgrade Your Machinery

Many other kingdoms then sent their best troops to search for treasures from the cave. The previously quiet and unfruitful city is now beginning to be built into a village. Many inhabitants set up camps for places of rest. In addition, you can upgrade equipment to Gold, where the equipment is stored always, even if your character dies.

MOD Feature: Crystals

The Greedy Cave MOD APK Screenshot

You may assert an unlimited crystals using the Greedy Cave cheats (or unlimited gems). You should try your luck in an endless variety of directions to purchase gold and unique tools.

Download The Greedy Cave MOD APK

The Greedy Cave also offers a range of facilities to improve your character. Equipment can be accessed by opening a treasure chest in the cave. You can also buy it with gold in the Secret Store (currency in this game). You can also sell it in the store if it is not used. You can also increase the power of the equipment by Enchant. Interesting right? Interesting right?

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