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State of Survival MOD APK Unlimited Biocaps

State of Survival

The State of Survival mod apk will enable you to create an unlimited biocaps. These biocaps are the game’s primary currencies, and they can be traded for something. Boost multiple progress achievements and kill all zombies.

Game Overview

Name State of Survival
Dev KingsGroup Holdings
Package com.kingsgroup.sos
Category Zombie
MOD Version 4.5
Similar to Last Day on Earth: Survival, Age of Z Origins

Strategy Base Camp Game

State of Survival presents the main gameplay as a strategy game. Like strategy games, you can find an upgrade system to develop the characters and settings you manage. Although it still relies on an upgrade system, this game also offers more varied gameplay stuff.

In Trace Explorer mode you can still feel the thrill of the zombie shootout. This mode does not show the real experience of the shooter game. The thing is, you won’t find an Explorer Trails control system or aim at it. However, how your strategy determines your victory in this mode by using the skills each character has.

State of Survival offers different missions to continue the history of the game. The missions are grouped into multiple acting sections. If you complete one part successfully in a round, you will open a new story in this game.

Usually, most strategy games only present the story at the start of the game. But the elements of the story are slowly being abandoned as the game progresses. But that doesn’t happen in survival state. There are always new stories you can enjoy after you finish an act successfully.

KingsGroup Holdings did not appear to be half-hearted during survival development. Besides the fun gameplay, this game has visuals that are superior to the size of a strategy game.

Microtransaction Is Not Necessary

The animation shown at the beginning of the game and in Trace Explorer mode is quite good. In fact, compared to mobile strategy games in general, this is an intention.

The visual appearance of the Explorer Trace mode is like a shooter’s visual appearance. You might forget that you’re playing a strategy game while playing this mode. From zombie movements to zombie action, all of it creates a feel like a shooter game.

One of the great problems with Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements, another strategy game, is so unpleasant that a microtransaction system is clearly imposed. The state of survival can be one of your game choices for those who object to the microtransaction system.

Unlike Breaking Bad: Crime items that take a long time to upgrade are still reasonable to upgrade in survival status. Moreover, the conditions necessary to upgrade are not too difficult to force you to microtransact.

Survival relies on a game control tap system. This makes it easier for everyone to play this game. However, this game might feel monotonous for those who prefer games with a more complex control system.

MOD Feature: Biocaps

State of Survival MOD APK Screenshot

State of Survival cheats allow you to receive an unlimited money. To escape the onslaught of zombies, you’ll need to extend your base.

Download State of Survival MOD APK

Not everybody can be brave enough to play horror games, such as zombie games. The tense nuance and the look of the horror hop are not necessarily fun for anyone. You should try survival if you want to play zombie games without fear.

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