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Shadowgun War MOD APK Unlimited Credits

Shadowgun War

Shadowgun War mod apk will help you to earn unlimited credits. You will be able to buy all heroes with different attributes.

Game Overview

Name Shadowgun War
Package com.madfingergames.wargames.shooter
Category Action Shooter
MOD Version 4.4
Similar to MaskGun Multiplayer FPS – Shooting Gun Games, Infinity Ops: Online FPS Cyberpunk Shooter

Similar To Overwatch

With so many battle royale-based mobile multiplayer games, there are several companies that are trying to appear different, one of them is Madfinger with the newest game Shadowgun War Games.

Overwatch, that’s what first comes to your mind when you see this game at a glance, indeed after the Samurai series, Madfinger aggressively created a ’clone’ of AAA games and made it compact, of all the games the Shadowgun series is the one that looks the most striking. War Game takes the theme Hero Based FPS, futuristic setting, funny liner, and many other things that are very similar to Overwatch.

Balanced Battle Royale

There is a reason why I wrote ’The True Balance’, the gameplay of War Games focuses on how you take advantage of the skills of the existing heroes, not the equipment and items. Each hero is equipped with 2 skills and 2 firearms which in my opinion are very balanced in countering other heroes, for example the Inner Rage of Revenant can be resisted by Regeneration from Slade. Teamwork is needed because every hero has its own weaknesses and strengths, you cannot (unless you are lucky) fight 2 heroes at the same time head-to-head alone, you need support from other heroes.

All of these mechanisms make War Games the most balanced multiplayer game for mobile, you focus on developing your hero skills and yourself, not on purchasing items or weapons that will provide certain buffs. Microtransaction is still there, but only for cosmetic items, so if you are okay to appear the same as other players, you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money.

MOD Feature: Credits

Shadowgun War MOD APK Screenshot

Use the unlimited money feature in Shadowgun War cheats to enrich your tactics in battle. Get various cosmetic items for your account.

Download Shadowgun War MOD APK

War Games offers a fresh, unique, smart, and balanced multiplayer battle sensation. You can spend hours playing this game without fear of running into an overpowered player or p2w player.

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