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Perfect Shift MOD APK Unlimited Cash Diamond

Perfect Shift

Perfect Shift is a driving game with an in-game currency payment system. You will get Unlimited Cash and Diamond by utilizing the Best Change mod apk.

Game Overview

Name Perfect Shift
Dev Lextre
Package ru.lextre.cr3d_ru
Category Drag
MOD Version 4.5
Similar to Rival Gears Racing, CSR Racing

Race Drag Game

Perfect Shift now spurs the iOS and Android gas. You could be familiar with the straight track car racing operation of Perfect Shift if you played many drag racing car games, such as CSR Racing, Fast Furious 6, etc. Yeah, just look at the name of this game, you can definitely devine what you have to do in Perfect Shift.

The core of the Perfect Shift game is similar to some of the titles in the drag race game that I just mentioned. Here you can drive your car’s speed from different models, convertible cars, roadsters, supercars, etc. It’s easy to play in this game. You will use 2 key buttons, namely gear down and gear up. Both buttons are a control for driving your car even faster when you drive opposite your opponents’ car.

The process of determining when you want to increase car drives is key to dragging race games like Perfect Shift. When you win the race, the money you receive can be used to upgrade your automotive components. You can also decorate your car with a variety of decorative stickers and lovely car coloring.

You can collect dozens of decals and customize the results of your purchase yourself to defeat your opponent in story mode, so you have a reason to continue driving your vehicle in Perfect Shift.

MOD Feature: Cash Diamond

Perfect Shift MOD APK Screenshot

The Unlimited Diamond overflow often helps you to get the most luxurious vehicle options if you use the Perfect Shift cheats, so you can purchase all the vehicles and collect them in the driveway and make it a private set if you use the Perfect Shift cheats.

Download Perfect Shift MOD APK

Overall, Perfect Shift doesn’t really give the life of the drag race genre anything new. However, I think Perfect Shift is your alternative drag race game with graphics and user interface settings that are slightly better than other drag racing games.

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