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MythWars Puzzles MOD APK Unlimited Gems

MythWars Puzzles

MythWars Puzzles mod apk helps you to receive an unlimited gems. Players can obtain a range of resources by owning a Gem, including 50% Food, Fill Food, 50% Iron, Fill Iron, World & Raid Energy Refill, Fero Limit Raise, and Extra Squad. Of course, there are a range of Gems to choose from. Players can also purchase different sets with a variety of contents, such as Nature Mastery, Terminator Package, and Healing Pack. In addition, players can purchase various Combat Items to help support the game, such as the Resurrection Scroll, Elixir Purification, Potion of Purification, Electro Orb, Meteor Attack, Arrow Rain, and so on.

Game Overview

Name MythWars Puzzles
Package com.karma.mythwarspuzzles
Category Puzzle RPG
MOD Version 4.3
Similar to Empires & Puzzles: Epic Match 3, Puzzles & Conquest

Full Jigsaw And Continue Story

In MythWars Puzzles, players get a mystical town that is also a fortress. This city can be built and developed with different types of facilities to make the city independent. Agricultural land is being built to produce food, iron-producing mining, training sites to train heroes, workshops to produce goods, etc.

It does not happen instantly each time a player builds a facility or upgrades. The longer the time needed, the higher the level of the building is waiting. Players can also only build or upgrade one thing at a given time, so the playing time is longer. As usual, payment of a premium currency can speed up this waiting time.

Players can access the Bifrost Portal to summon heroes in MythWars & Puzzles. The Bifrost Portal gives players a free convocation every day, they can also pay premium money to use the Portal Bifrost and hope to get legendary heroes. Remember that this portal of Bifrost produces random heroes, namely Gacha models, so prepare to not get the hero.

In MythWars & Puzzles, while the game looks like the development of the city, mixed with three match puzzles, this game has a clear story mode. By clicking the MAP button at the left bottom, players can access this game’s story mode and try to finalize the given levels with a charming storyline.

Great Story And Graphics

Carrying the theme of a match-three puzzle, the battle against the wicked gods takes place in the field of a match-three puzzle where each player matches the color of each player. In addition, Mana is also produced for heroes of the same colour. Once the hero is full, the player can touch the photograph of the hero to use his unique abilities like attacking or healing.

Unfortunately, while the presentation of MythWars & Puzzles, which looks like an offline game, actually requires players to play them online. This is because Alliance’s system, which brings players together, challenges other players using Arena Ladder, the fibers of events presented endlessly. There is also a microtransaction system to purchase premium currency Gems with varying prices from Rp. 71,000 to almost RR 1 500,000.

MythWars & Puzzles is in fact very similar to Zgirls: from the city construction system to the match-three-puzzle war, Puzzles and Quests are heroes with different variants. If you’re disappointed because Zgirls: Puzzle & Quest has been disappeared from the Play Store, this MythWars & Puzzles may be a substitute for this.

MOD Feature: Gems

MythWars Puzzles MOD APK Screenshot

Cheats for MythWars Puzzles give you unlimited money. Players can create different locations in Foundation, rendering the task simple and painless. They can even use Gems they have.

Download MythWars Puzzles MOD APK

MythWars & Puzzles is a Greek God War theme game. The gods and human heroes with cool and charming realistic artwork are displayed here. This piece of art is most clearly seen when the player looks at a new visual cutscene, used as a way of telling events in the game.

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