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Marvel Super War MOD APK Unlimited Star Credits

Marvel Super War

Get various heroes and skins using the Marvel Super War mod apk. You will be able to do this with the unlimited star credits feature.

Game Overview

Name Marvel Super War
Dev NetEase Games
Package com.netease.g104na.gb
Category RPG
MOD Version 4.6
Similar to MARVEL Duel, Naruto:SlugfestX

Marvel MOBA Game

The Marvel franchise is famous for having many iconic heroes and villains. What happens if they fight in a multiplayer online battle arena, aka MOBA? Well, this treat is presented in the new game made by NetEase, Marvel Super War.

At the time of the release of this game, 44 superhero and villain characters from the Marvel universe were included. Some of them are familiar to us from the Marvel Cinematic Universe while some have yet to make an appearance there.

Dozens of characters are an interesting dish. The reason is, each of these characters we know first has their own unique abilities. Marvel Super War has succeeded in providing memorable character choices because it “respects” the abilities of each character.

In MOBA games, we generally recognize roles or character roles. This is distinguished from the ability of characters such as tanks to withstand enemy damage, supports who can provide buffs and healing, to damage dealers.

Game Microtransactions

The discourse that MOBA on mobile has microtransaction problems is indeed burdensome for the players. The reason is, Mobile Legends or Arena of Valor have an emblem or medal system that players must develop over time.

On the other hand, the choice of character is quite burdensome. Moreover, there are some characters that can only be obtained if the player accesses certain features. The Thanos character, for example, can only be obtained from the Museum and players must open the Dark Star.

Later, there are Dark Shards that players can collect and need 40 Dark Shards so that players can have one of the most iconic characters in the Marvel universe. In addition, players can get character choices with game currency and vouchers that can be collected. If you want to buy it using Credit or premium currency in the game.

MOD Feature: Star Credits

Marvel Super War MOD APK Screenshot

You can use the unlimited money feature in Marvel Super War cheats to try different strategies. Exchange star credits into crystals and get various cosmetic items for you.

Download Marvel Super War MOD APK

For esports, Marvel Super War also has quite interesting battles to watch. The relatively longer game phase makes this game have a slightly different style. This can be seen from the forest monsters that have various functions so that each team must think of ways to master them.

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