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Little Singham MOD APK Unlimited Tokens

Little Singham

To get unlimited tokens, use the Little Singham mod apk. In this game, tokens can be traded for coins. The coins will then be used to acquire boosters and improvements. Hoverboards, score boosters, headstart, and super headstart are among the available boosters.

Game Overview

Name Little Singham
Dev Zapak Mobile Games Pvt. Ltd
Package com.zapak.littlesinghamrun
Category Arcade Racing
MOD Version 4.6
Similar to Street Chaser, Subway Princess Runner

Avoid Barriers

Little Singham Cycle Race is an endless three-dimensional rider similar to other well-known games, like Subway Surfers, where the player controls a police officer who has to chase an evil clown on his bike along a road filled with obstacles.

Typical of this type of game is the gameplay at Little Singham Cycle Race: skip to the left, swip right on that side and swipe up and swip to roll on the ground. With this simple control scheme, all obstacles must be avoided and, of course, all possible coins collected. We can purchase decorations for cyclists, unlock outfits and even new cyclists with the coins that we collect in the Little Singham Bike Race game.

The game ends if we collide with one of the obstacles where we can see how long we’ve endured, the bonuses we won and the points we won. Another of our objectives is to try to break our own records and improve previous race records.

MOD Feature: Tokens

Little Singham MOD APK Screenshot

To make the game simpler, use Little Singham cheats to get unlimited money. Upgrades may be used to boost the power of the character. Coin magnets, missiles, and power boots are among the enhancements eligible.

Download Little Singham MOD APK

Little Singham Bike Race is a typical endless rider with nice graphics and right mechanics that is ideal for trying to make it on this dangerous road as long as possible.

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