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Light of Thel MOD APK Unlimited Crystals

Light of Thel

You have an unlimited crystals on using Light of Thel mod apk. Crystals may be used to obtain gold. In addition, by trading crystals for silver, you can purchase different things such as soul stones and supplies. You are invited to take part in the sale.

Game Overview

Name Light of Thel
Package com.yoozoogames.lightofthel
Category RPG
MOD Version 4.6
Similar to Goddess MUA, Rainbow Story: Fantasy MMORPG

Christened SEA MMORPG

As an MMORPG game, Light of Thel has a very unique development of character. In this game, there are two important indicators for the development of character, namely level and power.

The two indicators develop together with the game on a numerical scale. The more often played, the greater the character’s strength and level. Thus, the character is stronger.

Light of Thel provides a limit on the amount of EXP per day to level up. The amount of EXP can be checked in the Adventure column. This keeps the players’ progress in check. EXP is achieved via the features of the game, such as Dungeon, Seal Crack, Demon Hunt, Tarot Challenge or World Mission.

On the other hand, power is a character’s total strength. There is also no daily limit to this achievement. Players can therefore compete to achieve a very high power level. Power is derived from increased skills, talent, equipment, animals or even titles of character.

In general, players have many different ways of reinforcing their character. Players simply have to choose the power and characteristics they want. This flexibility enables players to develop power and character levels in their own way.

Competence In-depth Guide

The Light of Thel skills system is quite interesting. Two types of skills can be used by players in the skill system. First, your character has the skills of the class. This class has six competences, but in this game you can use only four competences.

Secondly, the pet skills which belong to the animal you use. Each animal has various skills. Players are therefore required to select and combine these pet skills in accordance with each player’s play style.

Class skills are the main skills that players need to focus on. Players can define skill levels and skill choices in class skills. The level of skills can be increased every time you level up with the skill points. Furthermore, skill levels can be reset at will depending on the game needs.

Besides skills, characters are also talented. Talent abilities are passive abilities that support basic fighting attributes and class skills. These talented skills can be enhanced by experience gained through the following features of the game.

MOD Feature: Crystals

Light of Thel MOD APK Screenshot

Using Light of Thel cheats to get Unlimited money can help you easily boost your ranking. As a consequence, you will be able to battle any of the enemies that arise.

Download Light of Thel MOD APK

The class and talent structure looks at first sight very confusing. In reality, however, the system of skills is very easy to understand. Players that don’t know MMORPGs would also find the game easy to follow.

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