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Jungle Adventures 2 MOD APK Unlimited Fruits

Jungle Adventures 2

You can get unlimited fruits in Jungle Adventures 2 mod apk. Fruits can be used to purchase unlimited power ups and stones, which can be used to eliminate obstacles on each level. Pets and parachutes are also eligible for purchase.

Game Overview

Name Jungle Adventures 2
Dev Rendered Ideas
Package com.renderedideas.jungleadventures2
Category Arcade
MOD Version 4.5
Similar to Adventures Story 2, Jungle Adventures 3

Gathering Delicious Fruit

This mobile game from developer Rendered Idea is labeled an adventure game by Google Play. Including the 2D scrolling match, in which you will play Addu, an adventurer who is trying to find fruit in his hometown. Well, Jungle Adventures 2 provides the main character with a stronger storyline and more skills to help him carry out his tasks. The gameplay is also more fun than the first one.

In a game like Super Mario Bros. here you’re back in Addu’s role. This Addu, however, is different from the main character of the first Jungle Adventures, although he still has the same objective of planting fruits in his hometown. Here you are equipped with jumping, swimming and throwing stones. Another ability you can use to finish the enemy is to pick up items, throw them, and then jump. Then Addu has a livestock which can be ridden and helps him complete the mission.

You will face different levels with their own features. Like the beach, the sea, the snowy mountains, and even a magma-filled volcano. With smooth and cheerful graphics, you will surely be at home in this mobile game for a long time. But be careful with the boss who is super big and difficult to beat. Don’t worry if you want to give this children’s mobile game. Because their enemies face adorable faces and forms. You and your children are guaranteed to be happy to play it.

What is interesting about Jungle Adventures 2 is that you can interact with so many things and help you complete missions if you do. An example is a plant that has a cannon shape. If you enter the plant, it will start you onto secret paths and sometimes.

Made For Every Age

This mobile game is playable easily, but it is still fun to play for a long time. It has no negative elements, even sweet enemies and is suitable for children under the age of 10. Moreover, this mobile game has a number of characters who will foster the story.

This mobile game is actually fun with beautiful graphics, smooth gameplay and simple controls. Several new features, including gliding in the air, riding pets and various other characteristics, will make this mobile game much better than its predecessor.

Because it is made for everyone, it is a shame for those of you who expect a high degree of difficulty and fierce enemies. You’re not going to find him here. All the enemies to be defeated are adorable and adorable, even the boss of every level is described as friendly and nice to look at. The story also feels pretty simple and may look boring to those of you who often play similar games.

MOD Feature: Fruits

Jungle Adventures 2 MOD APK Screenshot

Jungle Adventures 2 cheats provide you with Unlimited money, enabling you to complete all stages quickly. Fruits may also be used to unlock other characters, such as Paddu. Upgraded power ups can be bought for a longer impact.

Download Jungle Adventures 2 MOD APK

To build on the previous point, there are different terrains to explore in this game, such as inside a volcano, in the ocean, or in the snow. You will not grow bored easily with this game because of the variety.

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