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Gunspell MOD APK Unlimited Silver Gold


Using Gunspell mod apk will provide you with various benefits. You can get as much silver and gold as you like. These currencies will assist you in leveling up your character and unlocking new slots.

Game Overview

Name Gunspell
Dev AKPublish pty ltd
Package com.akpublish.Gunspell
Category Puzzle RPG
MOD Version 4.4
Similar to Sky Force 2014, Zombie Blast – Match 3 Puzzle RPG Game

Mysterious And Epic Journey

Match three puzzle games usually have simple stories, or even stories like Bejeweled aren’t there. Some pack the game with interesting stories such as Homescapes and some even wrap it up in a puzzle quest RPG system. Well this AKPublishing game called Gunspell is a combination of RPG, adventure and an epic story that combines firearms and magic!

A policeman named John D. is told that his younger sister has been kidnapped by something from his apartment. When he looked at the balcony, he met the Kobold who attacked him immediately. He continued his investigation into the sisters’ apartments after John defeated the Kobold and found a mysterious address.

Gunspell is basically a match-three puzzle game in which players must line up three or more symbols on the play screen by swipping them on the touch screen. Remember that Gunspell is an RPG game so players can gain benefits every time you successfully row on the screen three symbols, such as Mana, to use weapons. Furthermore, the player immediately attacks the enemy by dragging the skull symbol.

Challenging Gameplay Puzzle

After killing an opponent successfully, the player receives XP and looting that can be worn on Gunspell. Various loot types are available, so that players can determine which equipment is used for maximum profit. Sadly, the inventory is very limited and players are usually forced to sell the loot they receive. The way to increase stock is to purchase it with game plus money or premium currency.

This game requires no internet connection and advertising does not seem to interrupt. But as mentioned earlier, use the movement stamina system on the overworld map. If the endurance ends, the player has to wait so long to play again. Few microtransactions are available to buy premium currencies that will definitely speed up the game.

MOD Feature: Silver Gold

Gunspell MOD APK Screenshot

The most current one that we have is Gunspell cheats. Most sales in the game can be rendered with money, making John’s quest for his sister simpler.

Download Gunspell MOD APK

In fact, this Gunspell game is really exciting to play, but the need to grind to open up various items in it actually makes the game boring. But if you want a Puzzle Quest-like game, you can try Gunspell.

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