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GunboundM MOD APK Unlimited Gems VIP


To get unlimited gems and VIP, use the GunboundM mod apk. Buy gold, gear, jewels, and car upgrades with gems. Cars are the most distinguishing feature of Gunbound M, with their own standard. You may also use Jewel to update. The Jewel is more critical as the car’s level increases. Jewel has a range of advantages, including increased damage, increased HP, increased prize winnings, and so on.

Game Overview

Name GunboundM
Dev DargomStudio Co.,Ltd
Package com.DargomStudio.GunboundM.Global
Category Strategy
MOD Version 4.1
Similar to New MiniBattle, DDTank Mobile

New Old Gameplay Version

Gunbound M! has a number of cars with advantages, disadvantages and different capabilities for shooting. Players can therefore choose many types of automobiles to compete with other players. Moreover, the elements of the game are very complex, even if they still have simple graphics.

Many old cars in the Gunbound M series finally made their comeback! Players can therefore remember playing it. This game features not only cars, but also several new features which are no less exciting and complex to fit into the existing smartphone market.

This game has basically the same gameplay since it still provides a system that allows you to pay attention to the shot angle, shot force, wind direction, and other disturbances. Since the systems are identical, the objective of the game is the same.

Learning Defeat Enemies Tactics

There are two ways to defeat your enemy, the first is to shoot them directly at your HP. In the meantime, the second way is to drop them into the abyss. Both methods depend on the strategy and the type of car you use. Some cars have HP injury specifications. In the meantime, several other cars can destroy footing quickly.

So all the aspects that you know about in GunBound M! were simplified in regular Gunbound, so that anyone can enjoy them at any time. Now, the angle of fire and the power of the shot are part of it and give you hints. Even if it has an indication, this aid only applies when the battlefield has no wind.

Therefore the players still have to calculate the wind and the direction of the cardinal. The number will determine the wind’s strength. The higher the number in the wind, the stronger the wind blows in the arena of battle.

If the wind is heading west, while your enemy is in the east, then you have to fire the attacks more strongly eastwards. Moreover, if there are large numbers of wind strength. In the meantime, if you have a tornado, you need to learn the right fire angle, because the tornado could smash all your ammunition.

MOD Feature: Gems VIP

GunboundM MOD APK Screenshot

Make yourself the coolest player by using GunboundM cheats to get unlimited money. You may purchase a one-of-a-kind avatar to view. Avatars are available in a range of models, including Species, Alien, and Traditional. This avatar has four classes, varying from C to B to A to S. Each player has special abilities that decide their total power.

Download GunboundM MOD APK

As a soldier, you have an obligation to destroy all of the enemy vehicles you come across, by firing at them with the weaponry in your tank.

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