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Empires and Puzzles MOD APK Unlimited Gems

Empires and Puzzles

Empires and Puzzles mod apk provides you with an unlimited gems. You can get unlimited capital and miss certain construction phases by utilizing gems. You may also buy new heroes with jewels.

Game Overview

Name Empires and Puzzles
Dev Small Giant Games
Package com.smallgiantgames.empires
Category Puzzle RPG
MOD Version 4.1
Similar to MythWars & Puzzles: RPG Match 3, Puzzles & Conquest

Heroes Collecting And Raiding

Empires and Puzzles is a three-game puzzle game, but it’s also a collective game with a lot of elements, gathering heroes with various rareties to fight more monsters or other players. If this is not enough, a building base and an expansion section are also provided.

This game is actually quite complex with a mix of genres. You will spend a lot of time with new weapons and buildings to handle your resources. You will also take time to collect cards to get the best hero. Your hero can upgrade your high hero cards (you get XP but your hero doesn’t), and stronger heroes are stronger attacks of their own colors.

You could now see that many things happen in Empires and Puzzles at the same time. I imagine if you’ve just reached a deep end, but the game is good to slowly introduce your features so you have time to solve it all. The downside is that it takes more than an hour to complete the tutorial, but if it is done, you will have a good basis in a fairly deep title.

You can also face another random player team as well as fighting against computer-controlled opponents. This isn’t a battle of life, it’s a battle against the players’ character team as their “defense” team. This mode is highly implemented and shows little matching. I often oppose players who are two or three times my level, making a victory chain nearly impossible without microtransaction transactions.

Grinding Puzzle

As you advance in the game, you will eventually find the same problem with computer-controlled opponents. As monsters begin to gain strength faster than their hero, at level six or seventh, you’ll find yourself fighting monsters, which will take your character one shot, and then the game says you might want to level up or call more heroes, using prime money naturally.

You can improve your team correctly with games, advertisements every 12 hours and free calls every 24 hours, but it is likely that the random call and summon character will take months to get anywhere. I found myself mowing the previous level in the hope that my team would be driven by rare drops. They didn’t come. They didn’t come.

MOD Feature: Gems

Empires and Puzzles MOD APK Screenshot

Cheats for Empires and Puzzles give you unlimited money (gems). You can use such gems without having VIP. To battle certain opponents, boost your character’s attributes.

Download Empires and Puzzles MOD APK

In addition, each hero has special abilities that can be fans, heavy attacks, or healing. You get there to throw this by matching gems and lighters send a lump of army straight ahead to the monsters. You can also upgrade your army to more strength with your card.

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