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Duskwood MOD APK Unlimited Credits


To get unlimited credits, use the Duskwood mod apk. You can purchase hearts with these credits to keep playing. Credits may be used to purchase stunning wallpapers that contribute to the realism of the discussion.

Game Overview

Name Duskwood
Dev Everbyte
Package com.everbytestudio.interactive.text.chat.story.rpg.cyoa.duskwood
Category Detective
MOD Version 4.3
Similar to Memento: detective crime investigation, Sentence 🔎 Detective text games Interactive story

Find The Missing Girl

Duskwood is a quiet little town, with dense forests surrounding it. It was rare for foreigners to lose in this area, but if they did, they always said it was odd and frightening. Duskwood residents usually never worry about this, but things have changed over the last 72 hours. Even Hannah Donfort’s girl had vanished. Follow the splendid tale of Hannah Donfort’s disappearance in Everbyte, Duskwood: Crime & Investigation Detective Story.

Players who don’t know anything about this incident, of course, are suddenly chatted about the girl’s disappearance. The only thing they have is that Hannah gave your number to Thomas. Thomas thus formed a chat group with players so that they could thoroughly investigate this incident.

The game Duskwood: Crime & Investigation Detective Story takes place on a smartphone with players in a chat messaging group. All the player decisions, whether it is questions answered, options selected, etc., will influence the characters in the chat group.

Your Plot Changes Decision

Whatever the player’s decision, this research story can take a turn. You can say, this game is an interesting fictional story about Choose your own adventure (CYOA). Moreover, even though they know nothing, all these mysteries involve the player, so that players can feel interested and try to solve this mystery according to their own feeling.

Can you guys find Hannah and solve this mystery? Can you protect friends of Hannah from Duskwood Forest horrors? This is a story that will always make you curious.

Duskwood: Detective story of crime and investigation appears on a screen like a smartphone. Players can see that at the bottom there are several menus, namely chat, phone, profile, shop and cloud later. All events in this game can be heard as if they were actually on a smartphone. Even players can change your smartphone’s background color if they want to make a little adjustment.

MOD Feature: Credits

Duskwood MOD APK Screenshot

Using unlimited money from Duskwood cheats, you can further investigate the strangeness of this story. Credits can be used to gain access to the Cloud, which is extremely useful for assisting investigations and continuing the storyline.

Download Duskwood MOD APK

Duskwood: Crime & Investigation Detective The past of Hannah Donfort’s disappearance has a special clever way for tucking players into the enigmatic loop.

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