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Doodle Alchemy MOD APK Unlimited Hints

Doodle Alchemy

Doodle Alchemy mod apk helps you to get unlimited hints. These pointers can make it easy for you to obtain new mixtures.

Game Overview

Name Doodle Alchemy
Package com.byril.alchemy
Category Merge
MOD Version 4.6
Similar to Doodle Alchemy Animals, Alchemy Classic HD

Study Formulas

Doodle Alchemy is a new version of the same name classic game (there are actually lots of games with this name on all platforms). You create many elements in Doodle Alchemy by combining four main elements: earth, air, fire and water.

Gameplay is easy: select two elements in order to create a third element. Earth and fire, for example, will produce lava. Hundreds of elements from atomic bombs to skyscrapers, including robots can be created in this way. All these elements are certainly complicated and can be produced only after a few basic elements have been created.

Some weird elements, like stone philosophers, poisonous guns, or the city, exist. Again, you need other elements such as iron, aluminum, and others before you can create new elements.

MOD Feature: Hints

Doodle Alchemy MOD APK Screenshot

Doodle Alchemy cheats grant you the opportunity to use the clue mod. These hints can significantly assist you in advancing through the game.

Download Doodle Alchemy MOD APK

Doodle Alchemy is a fun puzzle game with clean graphics and a relaxing tune. This is a game that’s fun to play without worrying about many things for a moment.

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