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Crash Fever MOD APK Unlimited Polygon

Crash Fever

Your account in Crash Fever mod apk has unlimited polygons. You can use polygons to extend your folder, add a friend slot, and several other things.

Game Overview

Name Crash Fever
Dev WonderPlanet Inc.
Package com.wonderplanet.CrashFever
Category Puzzle RPG
MOD Version 4.3
Similar to THE ALCHEMIST CODE, Sdorica: Puzzle & Tactical RPG

Full All Levels

Another Japanese RPG game worth trying. Crash Fever is an application for the Land of the Rising Sun, an online game where players can virtually “meet” themselves for a mission to complete. The Crash Fever app is currently available on Android and iOS devices.

After exploring some of the original display, now is your time to start playing this Crash Fever game. The only thing you have to do next is to tap into the center of the interface and there will be a pop-up.

Then the next pop-up will invite you to learn basic fighting tutorials. You can learn the rules of the game in this section while you practice your skills to control the game. You are given only 3 times a chance to beat each attack, which you should choose the longest ball chain or jigsaw to destroy to get more points or values. Very simple right? Very simple right?

The menu at the bottom of the main menu is:

Home, the main page that is the game page’s starting panel. The task includes several submenus, including Standard tasks, event tasks, locked tasks and class tasks (Coming soon). Unit, which is in fact a term referring to the monster or main character in this game. A number of submenus consist of arrangements of owned units, such as shapes, strengthening units, waken units, and others. The store has multiple submenus for polygon purchases, energy restore, expanded folders and additional friendly rations. Laying is an incubating menu, which is exchanged for several polygons.

Friends, is a menu that helps to establish friendships with other players, including Friends List, Accept Friends, waiting requests, review/entry invitation code, ID Search to find friends based on their identity, or chat with community friends.

Rank, is information on the position or ranking of the current level. The number of bits or points and polygons from a number of games. Energy, which is energy information collected from many matches.

Mission is a menu showing the number of tasks you can follow and the number of bits and polygons can increase. Tasks, views and functions are identical to the task menu below. Join Space, a menu that connects you to other players who play this game as well. News, appearance and function are identical to the news menu that opens at the start of the game page. Prizes is a menu that displays gifts from your game or your friends.

Form a team of multiple units you already have. In the Unit section, you can select the Unit, then Shape Flock. Click on the Modify Unit menu and select the unit you want.

Introduction To Gameplay

Run a job with the team you are building. You can select 1 more friend to join your team before you start the task. Choose friends with the best units to help your team complete the task.

You can start the fight. You’ll be taken to the arena and your team’s job is to make your opponents live off by attacking the munitions you receive by destroying the colored balls on the ground.

You can only knock three times in one step to destroy as many balls as possible to fill your ammunition. Choose the longest ball chain to attack more adversaries.

You will attack your opponent alternately with three units in the team and 1 unit from your friends. If your team defeats an opponent, you get a score that can raise the rank, number of bits and polygons as well as increase your energy. You can also receive a bonus in the form of new units to enrich your units’ fighting resources.

MOD Feature: Polygon

Crash Fever MOD APK Screenshot

Crash Fever polygon cheats offer you a number of advantages when it comes to character development. With this cheat, you’ll be able to get through a number of stages.

Download Crash Fever MOD APK

This game is easy to play. Simply put, only balls or puzzles of the same color need to be destroyed and you need close distances to get bits or points. This is just that, to be more exciting, the role or rules of the game make this game more “complicated.”

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