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Chess Rush MOD APK Unlimited Vouchers

Chess Rush

You can get unlimited vouchers by activating the chess rush mod apk. Vouchers may be used for anything (tokens, chess soul levels, items) and other vanity items.

Game Overview

Name Chess Rush
Dev Tencent Games
Package com.tencent.godgame
Category Sports
MOD Version 4.4
Similar to Auto Chess War, Auto Chess VNG

Chess Rush may not be the first strategy or auto battler game on Android. However, its presence is able to heat up the competition in this genre. Previously, Drodo Studio had released the Auto Chess game in May 2019. Even though the download rate was not up to tens of millions, this game was able to attract the attention of gamers who were getting bored with MOBA games.

However, here Tencent tries to give something different from other auto battler games through the 50 hero characters that are displayed. Starting from the hero Assassin, Engineer, Hunter, Punisher, Druid, Rider, Sorcerer, Warrior, and Warlock. Chess Rush has 4 mode choices consisting of Rank, Casual, Basic, and Custom.

Available Coop Mode

In each game, you will be joined by a team of eight players. Chess Rush also allows you to use co-op mode, where your team will fight against an enemy team with the same number of members. So you need a strategy in playing this latest game.

As for the turbo mode, each player will only be given 60 blood points. The number of points will make the game feel faster than classic mode. Personally, Kabar Games itself does not feel so addicted to playing this Android game. But overall, the Chess Rush game feels fun to fill your spare time.

MOD Feature: Vouchers

Chess Rush MOD APK Screenshot

Chess Rush cheats offers unlimited money to your account. The best use of coupons is to unlock Elite Chess Soul and the diamond card.

Download Chess Rush MOD APK

At first glance, this game is not much different, it is even similar to Auto Chess. Starting from character development to gameplay feels the same. Imitation of the concept and similarity of character development in a hit game is not new anymore. The main goal is of course to provide options or other similar game alternatives for gamers.

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