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Bulu Monster MOD APK Unlimited Points

Bulu Monster

Games that feel like they’re full of challenges can become more useful, particularly if you use Bulu Monster mod apk. You may use it to purchase the most costly Package Packages, such as Specialist Kit, in addition to earning unlimited Fur Points.

Game Overview

Name Bulu Monster
Dev Sigma Game Limited
Package com.sigmagame.imonster
Category RPG
MOD Version 4.1
Similar to Haypi Monster 3, Monster Trips Chaos

RPG Battle Monster

Bulu Monster is a manual-free Pokemon. Moreover, many parts of this game have been simplified to resemble browser games. Yet the core part of the game remains the same as the monster battle of Pokemon.

Firechick is a basic fire chick with superior statistics, Damage, which makes this monster the Mainstream Startup monster I often meet in PvP. Willy the adorable whale with its cool water elements and its superior health stats, makes this monster a survival level to which long-term fighting is dependent.

Minitoise the mysterious, quiet Tortoise with its Ground element and its superior stats, Agility, makes this Monster unattractive in Monster Fur Players as I rarely find this monster in the PvP Tournament. Because usually blocked with High Damage Monsters, I release Monsters with high Agility because high Agility can first make our monster launch an attack and if it dies and only catches the enemy with Capture Ball, the initial attack might cause the enemy to die or die.

It doesn’t mean good for other monsters (Liar), you know. You continue only to use your monster on a high level later on, so that your monster is increasingly taken into account in PvP.

MOD Feature: Bulu Points

Bulu Monster MOD APK Screenshot

You can purchase a lot of monsters with Unlimited Bulu Points earned from Bulu Monster cheats, such as Charmelon, Ghost, and Snowman. You would still need to carry a variety of potions, capsules, and other valuable things that you will order.

Download Bulu Monster MOD APK

Although the game is similar to Pokemon, the game is more interesting in several ways. The compact and easy gameplay won’t make it difficult for us to play this game.

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