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Brave Frontier MOD APK Unlimited Gems

Brave Frontier

Unlimited gems are included in the Brave Frontier mod apk. You can use gems to speed up your game in a number of ways, including expanding your unit ability and doing other things.

Game Overview

Name Brave Frontier
Dev gumi Inc.
Package sg.gumi.bravefrontier
Category RPG
MOD Version 4.5
Similar to TacticsLand(SRPG), Final Chronicle (Fantasy RPG)

Different Is Each Character

At first glance, the concept is the same as the mobile social game, which is now the benchmark, because more than 200 characters and cute monsters may be captured and developed. The struggle also involves natural elements suitable in order to cause more damage to the enemies whose elements are contradictory. You control the caller responsible for saving Grand Gaia from the threat of evil forces. With the ability to summon, you can summon or develop many characters. At least some of the game’s elements are the same as the benchmark.

What distinguishes Brave Frontier differently is that here you can direct the character, according to your choice, to attack the enemy. Either it is 1 vs. 1 or you can target all of your characters on an enemy. Touch only one character to make random enemies attack. Or just tap/ select the enemy to put the target cursor and then tap the character to attack the target to attack a certain target.

When characters attack the enemy and drop the Brave Crystal a “Brave Gauge” meter will be constructed that can be used when the meter is full to launch Brave Burst attacks. To activate special attacks on the characters, you need to touch and hold the whole Brave Burst meter and then slide your finger for about 1 second after holding it. Brave Burst can target an enemy, many foes at a time, all enemies, or even retrieve characters, depending on the Brave Burst character launching. This is why it is better for you to work together with a full Brave Burst, someone to attack and someone that can restore HP characters.

Nature’s element also struggles with decency. You must remember which elements are stronger against each other. Earth defeats electric (yellow) like fire (red), water (blue) is overcome by electricity, and clear water is opposites fire. There are also light and dark types of characters, each strongly opposed to opposing elements but faint if attacked by the same type.

You’ll get Zel, Karma, and experiences by calming battles. Zel and Karma are two of this game’s main currencies that can easily be achieved by battle. You also have the opportunity to obtain new handicraft units and materials. New units can be added to the active team you currently use, and you can later use the craft material to create new items in the town. Besides Zel and Karma, when you have finished the entire quest successfully (with a few stories as background for all the actions in the game as one of the differentiators of this social game), you will receive a Gem bonus (which is the premium currency of this game, and is provided as an in -app purchase).

Like a typical RPG, the characters are raised by enough experiences. When this happens, the energy of all characters is restored. Every time you make a search, energy is used. It’s very important to raise the character level, so you can continue playing without using Gems to replenish energy or wait long until the energy is white before the search can continue.

Another familiar aspect of this game is the presence of cities, where all the materials previously collected can be handcrafted and used. Other material from agricultural land, forests, rivers or mountain areas can be obtained in the city (there are visible shining parts, where you can pick up additional material). You need to upgrade the facility that represents this location with Karma in order to get better (or rarer) material. In the city you can make equipment like Cure to restore HP, Revive to restore the character of the dead and increase the power of attack and defence. Just like in the city, you can upgrade the equipment with Karma.

The same as other similar games, Puzzle & Dragons, you can combine (fuse) and (evolution) units in Brave Frontier. There’s a slight difference, however. Alim is doing a fusion here (the only way to increase the unit level, because they dont get exp from battles like characters) Brave Frontier is “heavier” than that. Particularly if you want to develop it, because units with max levels and fusion material are necessary. The higher the material, the harder it is to get it and it can take more patience to make this fusion process. You need to determine the main unit and up to 5 other units sacrificed to increase the level to maximize the unit level. If you sacrifice a unit with the same brave burst, your main unit can also upgrade Brave burst. Once the unit reaches the maximum level, it can then be developed.

The Key Is Grinding

As it has been created as a social game which is directly connected to your social account, the developer also offers a special mode that allows your unit team to oppose other players with your character. This is why Arena mode is provided to fight other PvP team players. The mechanical fight is different for this one, because it runs automatically – well, just like other typical social games in Arena mode. The struggle here was over ABP, or Arena Battle Points. The higher the rank of characters in the arena, the more ABPs are collected. And with every rank increase in the Arena, special prizes like Gem will be awarded.

The developer will also use the Raid Battle feature later on, which is essentially the same as Arena, except you will work with other players to defeat the boss. Who managed to give the boss the greatest damage, so he got the best award. This is simply because if this raid involves several players working together, the developer should first prepare a good communication facility to connect players and the feature (in the social menu) is still not open.

Overall, Brave Frontier also includes social games that are fun to play, in addition to being free. The graphics are colorful, the anime art work, the talent is decorated with flash effects that are visible, easy to digest, even generic, but at least the game is not empty, and we don’t feel any real feeling that the game is suitable for all ages.

MOD Feature: Gems

Brave Frontier MOD APK Screenshot

Brave Frontier cheats allow you to add an unlimited money (gems) to your account. You will make quick progress and unlock nearly all of the game’s characters.

Download Brave Frontier MOD APK

It is the difference in gameplay that makes the game feel special in comparison to other Japanese social games. Here, there is no need to deal with a box loaded with jewels, and simply watch to see which one suits the color in order for the character to attack the enemy.

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