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Blocky Highway MOD APK Unlock All Cars

Blocky Highway

Blocky Highway mod apk can assist you in receiving both vehicles. For your ride, you can turn from one car to another.

Game Overview

Name Blocky Highway
Dev DogByte Games
Package com.dogbytegames.blockyrush
Category Arcade Racing
MOD Version 4.5
Similar to Hovercraft: Takedown, Blocky Roads

Endless Highway Driving

It is not surprising that other developers emulate a game runner when it succeeds. Blocky Highway itself seems to adopt several aspects of the successful game. One is like pixel graphics like Crossy Road and an unlockable character system.

Can Blocky Highway be an impressive endless rider, or simply a “other endless rider?” Unique, you need not only drive to get the highest score as far as possible, but can also take careless action by passing a passing car as close as possible without crashing the car. The result is more than just driving away.

On the Blocky Highway you can choose from two control schemes. One is the touch system to control the car using several virtual buttons on the screen, including directional arrows and gas, brake and horn buttons. Secondly, tilt+touch is used to substitute the directional keys by tilting the device.

Each control adapts to a different style of play. If you want simple and more reflex controls, tilt + touch can be an option, while tilt + touch controls are more suited for you to ensure full accuracy.

I think the controls on the Blocky Highway are very smooth. This applies to both systems of control. This advantage, of course, makes me comfortable playing Blocky Highway, which needs high precision control.

Samming Cars

The Blocky Highway system is basically the same as Crossy Road. You can randomly buy a car by paying 100 coins. Regular gifts are also available at certain intervals.

When you play, you can get coins. The number of coins obtained does not relate to the total score, which means you need to take the coins alone. It is quite difficult, especially when the coins are in dangerous areas and threaten your game continuity.

Three Blocky Highway game modes greatly add to this game’s replay value. There is an easy One Way mode in which you drive only in the same direction. There is then Two Way mode, which is very difficult since vehicles from the opposite direction have to be avoided. There is finally a free mode which allows you to practice without fear of death.

Not only that, the additional stage also supports the replay value of Blocky Highway. You can open a desert stage if you have enough coins. There will of course be new types of obstacles waiting here.

There are certainly things that can be improved on Blocky Highway. The power-ups available, however fun, I don’t think they are varied. There are only two power-ups, articulated trucks and helicopters, which I can find here.

There are also fewer obstacles. In addition to different kinds of vehicles on the road, only trains and road improvements are available which can destroy your car. The rest is just a matter of your patience and consistency in controlling the car through obstacles through ever-increasing numbers of roads.

More difficult game modes, like more coins and so on, do not offer more rewards. Fortunately, a leaderboard system invites players to achieve the best score in this mode.

MOD Feature: All Cars

Blocky Highway MOD APK Screenshot

Blocky Highway cheats make it easy to obtain any of the engines. You are eligible to ride in your favorite cars or vans.

Download Blocky Highway MOD APK

The Blocky Highway will take you to drive a number of vehicles that have to drive as far as possible and as quickly as possible while avoiding other moving vehicles. Other barriers, such as trains, road building, etc. are also present.

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