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Bid Wars MOD APK Unlimited Money Gold Bars

Bid Wars

Money and gold bars are the game’s currencies. Bids are made with Money, while premium products are purchased with bars. By using the Bid Wars mod apk’s Unlimited Money and Unlimited Gold Bars functionality, you can have all of them. You can play more openly and excitingly now that you have so much.

Game Overview

Name Bid Wars
Dev Tapps Games
Package br.com.tapps.bidwars
Category Auction
MOD Version 4.4
Similar to Bid Wars 2: Pawn Shop – Storage Auction Simulator, Bid Wars Stars – Multiplayer Auction Battles

This Bid Wars game tells the story of a beginner’s journey who wants to make a living from storage auctions. The name is like a rookie, so much needs to be studied first. A tutorial is provided to support this, so you can understand how to play.

In the game, many people rent warehouses to store objects that they had for a long time. With rental charges charged, it is not uncommon for many tenants to ignore payments to auction off their goods. That’s what you’re going to buy and collect money.

There will be several people with the same profession at each auction. Your job is to beat them with a bid, but don’t forget about the initial goal of profit. That’s what needs to be remembered. Goods auctioned are sometimes useless and time to investigate, so power-ups are provided.

The items sold are usually not just one. There are various objects, including those that are trash, and also very valuable things. The player can estimate the price of auctioned items by touching them in order to get a price interpretation. But remember, only 5 seconds before the auction starts, to be able to estimate those prices.

Of course, the price of an object in the chest is rather difficult to establish, is it like buying a cat in a sack, right? Well, players need to play the tender whether the price of the item can even break down or make a profit or not. The bid wars help you keep other players and events to higher levels. There are many new and unique items you can discover.

Set Right Profit Prices

In order to simplify the price interpretation process, players have what is known as a help item. There are a pair of glasses for the items hidden in the container, a computer for estimating the total price value that can be obtained from the auction and a shoe to knock off another angry bidder. These items are unfortunately limited and can only be purchased using premium currencies, gold bars.

Players should always benefit from their auction sales results. If the player continues to suffer losses, he’s bored and can’t carry on the game. Fortunately, there is a way to free up money which scoops waste.

Bid Wars seems pretty simple with cartoon artwork, where each opponent has a charming picture of himself. Any item sold can be seen directly on the screen, whether it’s a worthless flip-flop, guitars, screens and even rare objects.

While Bid Wars is a free play, there are several limitations to this game, one of which is the energy system. With only 20 energies, where 7 auctions are less energy each time, the players will play this game very briefly. In addition, this game often interferes with advertising players. Fortunately, there is no internet need, so only playing without connection can eliminate advertisements. Microtransactions can be made in the form of gold bars to buy money and buy premium currency.

In addition to the main story of auction players, Bid Wars also has various other kinds of auction, such as daily auctions, weekly auctions and even social modes where players can compete with other players. There is also a My Shop feature that can be collected at level 8 as well as several rare objects.

MOD Feature: Money Gold Bars

Bid Wars MOD APK Screenshot

Stores have a number of rare pieces that are really enticing to purchase. Thanks to Bid Wars cheats, you can buy something.

Download Bid Wars MOD APK

Since sometimes, the auctioneer places his goods in a crate, calculating the prices of goods being auctioned would be difficult.

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