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ALTER EGO mod apk adds an unlimited EGO to your account. Using EGOs to get all in the game, as well as the game’s key currency.

Game Overview

Dev Caramel Column Inc.
Package com.caracolu.alterego
Category Idle Clicker
MOD Version 4.2
Similar to ALTER EGO COMPLEX, Mysterious Forum and 7 Rumors [Visual Novel]

Real Test Of Personality

Alter Ego is an idle clicker with an identity search theme. When EGO is enough, players can automate the collection of EGOs. Easy enough, right?

After the game gives a little explanation, the player slowly begins to explore a dark alley. In this corridor a bubble of talk will pass to be touched. Players get EGO every touch of the talk bubble. This EGO has many applications.

The books presented here are not only books, but books by well-known authors. There is no longer a person by Osamu Dazai, the metamorphosis by Edgar Allan Poe by Franz Kafka, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. The player does not read the book, unfortunately, only the pages are flipped to boost the output of EGO and read some of the book in the gallery.

Once there are enough EGOs, players can visit ES, a mysterious woman. ES provides players with a variety of personality tests. This is a real test, players will be asked a series of answers to questions and players will be shown how the test results match their personality after the test ends. In addition to the test, ES will also ask the player different things where each session generates a bonus for the player.

On your smartphone Alter Ego appears with anime art, but a monochrome or black and white alias. The design of the character feels pretty Gothic, and the nuances of the trip through a dark alley look scary, with a song that sounds scary. But don’t worry, this game isn’t a game of horror, it’s a game of unique philosophy, so there is no jump scare.

MOD Feature: EGO


ALTER EGO cheats allow you to make an unlimited money. Plays will purchase a book to read with EGO. This book is an EGO-producing automation, in which the higher the EGO generated, the more pages the book is read.


As is the case for most idle clicker games, players will be tasked to tap the chat bubble that appears on the screen to collect currency in this game called EGO.

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