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Alien Path MOD APK Unlimited Gems Foils

Alien Path

Alien Path mod apk contains an unlimited gems and foils. You can quickly boost your pet’s stats and/or add new pets.

Game Overview

Name Alien Path
Dev Appxplore (iCandy)
Package com.appxplore.alienpath
Category Puzzle RPG
MOD Version 4.4
Similar to Alien Hive, Dark Dot – Unique Shoot ’em Up

Unique RPG Gameplay And Puzzle

Alien Path is an easy and suitable combination of RPG, Puzzle and strategy games. You will be an alien who must attack a planet as a vengeance for the robots that have destroyed your home. Your job is to crash into robots and to destroy them in various places using arrow direction and additional Pod weapons. The arena to play is a 7/7 plot that will continue to change and will face challenges that will be fun! The longer you play, the difficulty level and other interesting things are definitely better.

This game tells of a robotic alien planet. The aliens try to defeat the robot and take back their planet. Curious about what this gameplay? Let’s talk about this game one by one.

You’ll be taught how to attack a robot when you first play. Watch out for the arrows around aliens. The arrows lead the aliens to attack the robot. You can change your arrow direction by taping your smartphone’s screen. After you have determined which robot you want to attack you can swipe the smartphone screen to the arrow that leads the alien to the robot. If your alien is powerful enough, the robot can be defeated in one attack immediately.

With your own spirit spark, you can upgrade aliens. The more aliens you upgrade, the more aliens you use. You can also upgrade card power ups to gems you can get while you play or achieve results.

You can upgrade aliens, incubate new aliens here by combining specific DNAs, upgrade cards and purchase cards supporting this game. Some items like power-up cards, gems and coins can be purchased here. Here, you can add friends and send spirit sparks that are useful to upgrade aliens or buy certain items.

This feature provides settings, galleries, stories, SNS links, help and other games owned by the Alien Path developers. You can download it immediately if you are interested without first having to open the Play Store.

You may stash rockets or UFO planes if you are short of coins. They work as coin suppliers. To receive a certain amount of coins, you are asked to watch ads. The longer the ad lasts, the more coins you receive

Nice Aliens

Use the green dots/puzzles in the alien attack path in order to help reduce the HP robots. Note that the HP is marked with a red bar at the top of the game. If aliens are attacked by robots, HP will be reduced. In order to restore your HP, you can get it in the middle of a red circle with a white ’+ tanda.

Beware also of the motion border marked by a light blue bar below the HP bar. The more often you change the position of the directional arrow attack path, the more the motion decreases. You can recover the movement reduced by having a light blue crystal on the path of attacking extraterrestrials.

Alien or robots can be detected by pressing the smartphone screen for 2 seconds. From there you can determine how often a robot needs to be attacked. Furthermore, you can also see the robots by looking at the small red lines on each robot.

You can easily spark spirit by adding friends and exchanging sparks. Since this game requires an internet connection, make sure that the internet connection of your smartphones is stable.

MOD Feature: Gems Foils

Alien Path MOD APK Screenshot

If you have enough spirit spark and coins, you can update the aliens right away to render them better. Since there is a supervisor of robots in certain levels, aliens need more attack strength. Using Alien Path cheats, you will get a ton of gems.

Download Alien Path MOD APK

I think this game is really exciting. For the graphics side of the game there are nice characters but the picture of aliens and powerful robots is not reduced. In addition to that, the animation is particularly good when the last robot is beaten, the animation is slowed so it looks dramatic. It’s very exciting for the players of this game to play this Alien Road game which combines puzzle and RPG.

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