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3D Tennis MOD APK Unlimited Money

3D Tennis

The 3D Tennis mod apk allows you to load your account with an unlimited money. You can update your character’s racket and wardrobe.

Game Overview

Name 3D Tennis
Dev Mouse Games
Package com.cg.tennis
Category Tennis
MOD Version 4.6
Similar to Table Tennis, Tennis World Open 2021: Ultimate 3D Sports Games

Control Screen Switch Movement

Sometimes a sports game doesn’t have to imitate the original sport fully. Tiki-Taka Soccer with a different approach to football has made me feel comfortable for long periods of time. Similarly, 3D Tennis requires precision when taping and swiping. The action you need to take is to tap and swipe in the desired direction. Do not swipe too quickly or too slowly when servicing, because the shot is missing.

You can play two game modes – Tournament Mode and Quick Play. As the name suggests, Tournament Mode takes you to different tournaments. You have to pay a sum of money to enter the tournament in advance as a registration fee.

The more you go into the tournament, the more awards you receive. Sadly, if you are eliminated immediately, your initial capital will be forfeited to enter the tournament.

You can play a match in the Quick Play mode according to the settings you want. This mode can also be a source of money if you run out of funds for a tournament to register or purchase equipment upgrades.

Easy Gameplay

You need to concentrate fully and be patient with 3D Tennis, because the current AI, especially in the later rounds of a tournament, will be very demanding. Just a little mistake, the opponent will use the space he has created. You must also want to use the mistakes of the opponents to win.

3D Tennis has large files which can be considered very small for a 3D game. 3D Tennis can be the answer if you want a sports game that is plain gameplay, but you can test your skills.

MOD Feature: Money

3D Tennis MOD APK Screenshot

3D Tennis cheats can assist you in gaining as much money as you want. You would be able to receive the tournament fee entry without trouble.

Download 3D Tennis MOD APK

Since it will instantly travel in 3D Tennis, you don’t have to chase the ball with a selected athlete. Your duty is to help him guide the ball so it falls straight and in the direction you want it to go. To do this, simply swipe in the direction you want when the ball arrives.

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