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Truck Simulator 2018 Europe MOD APK Unlimited Money All Trucks

Truck Simulator 2018 Europe

With the unlimited money feature in Truck Simulator 2018 Europe mod apk, you can simplify your management and unlock all vehicles. You will be able to get more fun out of this game.

Game Overview

Name Truck Simulator 2018 Europe
Dev Zuuks Games
Package com.zuuks.truck.simulator.euro
Category Simulation
MOD Version 4.6
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Realistic Management Of Truck Driving

Of titles like Euro Truck Simulator or American Truck Simulator, you have surely heard. These titles are popular indeed, but only in certain circles, as these games are realistic simulator matches according to the title, therefore they are not suitable for the general public. Well, Truck Simulator 2018 Europe is a captivating mobile game who tries to offer a realistic truck driving experience.

At the beginning of the game, players set up an expedition company immediately, which they can name, name and photograph the owner. This owner also acts as the truck driver, so that the player is not only responsible for the company, but also the driving force.

Players have full control over a truck, starting with the start button for the car, adjust the gear of the vehicle, view the rear windscreen, switch the turning signal on, hang the horn, turn the lights on and even turn on the wipers. Players can also turn on the radio to hear songs on the way to their destination.

The difficulty level of this game is quite high as the player has first to connect the truck he controls to the container, and then to his destination. Even after reaching the destination, the challenge will be even higher as the players will have to direct the vehicle to unload the rear door. It can be done perfectly only by a very good gamer or true truck driver.

Rent Additional Drivers

If you don’t have subordinates, it’s not a company boss. When the player already has enough money, they can hire one or more drivers to automatically deliver goods so that players can relax without driving their own truck. The driver of the shipped truck will return after the end of his duty and pay the shipment, which has of course been bought a bit for his commission.

Truck Simulator 2018: Europe is a simulation game with a lovely look. Truck driving, rainy weather, daylight, night time and others that animate the road can be fun for players, even if the numbers are minimal and not impressive. Trucks can also be customized at will, with a total of 9 different trucks, even players can buy new, better trucks, each of which has a cool interior.

Truck Simulator 2018: Europe is presented by Zuuks Games as free play, with players able to play the game offline. Unfortunately, players must first look at video advertising online in order to receive daily bonuses, otherwise the feature cannot be used. Technically, there is a resistance system in which the player cannot play the game until the truck returns, except when he has an extra truck. There are therefore also a small amount of microtransactions to eliminate advertising, to buy the start kit, to buy money and to buy all trucks.

Truck Simulator 2018: Europe isn’t that complex in fact, but this game is sure to be frustrating when you park the truck. Fortunately there is a “Skip” feature specifically designated for the parking lot, so players who don’t drive well can still play this game casually. Even if you only want to play this game from the management side, it can be done.

MOD Feature: Money All Trucks

Truck Simulator 2018 Europe MOD APK Screenshot

Truck Simulator 2018 Europe cheats will encourage you to check out all of the available vehicles. Customize the truck in a number of ways to add to the joy of the game.

Download Truck Simulator 2018 Europe MOD APK

So if you’re looking for a casual shipping company to play a game, Truck Simulator 2018: Europe is a try.

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