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Gummy Drop MOD APK Unlimited Coins Lives

Gummy Drop

Gummy Drop mod apk enables you to have unlimited coins and lives. This is the premium currency that enables you to unlock throughout the fulfillment of certain levels and the progression of the title.

Game Overview

Name Gummy Drop
Dev Big Fish Games
Package com.bigfishgames.gummydropgoogle
Category Restoration
MOD Version 4.6
Similar to Cascade: Jewel Matching Adventure, Sir Match-a-Lot: Match 3 Game

Restore All Towns

At first glance, Gummy Drop looks like a matching game with three similar images like Candy Crush and so on. If this isn’t so difficult, I’m not interested at all, of course. It turns out that this game is different and challenging after I read the user reviews and game descriptions.

The game will continue from the city of Sydney to other cities around the world. There are an average of approximately 100 game levels that must be passed in each city before moving into the next town in the listed order. Each level invites us to explore maps in the city and to build monuments or buildings of certain markers, famous in the region, at certain levels of achievement.

For example, when one of the landmarks available in the town of Sydney is the Sydney Music Opera, which, when touched by the image, will tell a short story of the place. And so on. And so on. And like Cooking Fever, when there is not enough “raw material” to move to the next level, we must not spend real money. Sea level options are provided in the form of branches at a specific level, for example level 26-1, as a branch of level 26, which we can collect to build certain buildings to move to the next level.

Systems Live

There are 3 “lives” automatically filled every hour or 1 life every 20 minutes. These lives can be lost if we don’t finish a level. But a savior is given as a wheel of fortune which can be helped by additional life or by steps if rotated and we are lucky. Naturally we can buy with real money when we don’t have the patience to wait for the necessary repopulation of lives.

MOD Feature: Coins Lives

Gummy Drop MOD APK Screenshot

Gummy Drop cheats grant you unlimited money. You can use the live cheat in this way to keep playing the game.

Download Gummy Drop MOD APK

The game isn’t that hard. Basically, how to play it like a game in order to collect points from 3 identical pictures. Gummy Drop is about cute candy pictures, as its name implies. The difference now is that we are invited to travel around the world while playing.

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