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Eternal Senia MOD APK Unlimited Amethysts

Eternal Senia

Eternal Senia mod apk will be able to help your hero in his adventure. This game features unlimited amethysts to be able to buy various chests containing heroes.

Game Overview

Name Eternal Senia
Dev Sanctum Games Limited
Package com.sanctumstudio.eternalsenia2
Category Idle RPG
MOD Version 4.1
Similar to Hero Ball Z, Harbingers – Last Survival

Find Magaleta

The plot in the Eternal Senia game tells about the two women. One is named Senia, and the other is named Magaleta. Too the point to the story. Senia wants to save Magaleta. Senia is the foster child of Magaleta. Over time, Magaleta disappeared and finally disappeared somewhere.

With Magaleta disappearing, then Senia, who was originally little Senia. Finally looking for Magaleta to wherever it is. Go on a trip all over the creepy area in Eternal Senia.

Gameplay in this game is said to be very simple with the presence of this ARPG system. Namely, just clicking through the arrow directions, and several keyboard or gamepad inputs that are sufficient to provide their respective functions. Like attacking, throwing, and the strongest power.

Action RPG Game

Offers RPG-class gameplay in general. One of the things omitted is the buy and sell system or other terms, the market. Maybe this system is one of the favorite systems of almost all games, but in this game there is no meaning by replacing it with a crafting system.

Using the ARPG system which means Action RPG. A slightly different concept from the RPG Maker games I played. This simple ARPG system is delivered smooth and soft. So you could say this game is quite different from the others. The ARPG system which is enough to dominate almost all sides of this game can make us quite comfortable playing this game.

MOD Feature: Amethysts

Eternal Senia MOD APK Screenshot

Get unlimited money by using the Eternal Senia cheats. Improve Senia’s abilities in her adventures with new heroes.

Download Eternal Senia MOD APK

You must assist Senia’s daughter as she embarks on a perilous journey to locate her lost sister in Eternal Senia. As you progress through each level, you’ll gain strength as you unlock new items and abilities, and you’ll be able to use Senia’s sword to slay any enemies who get in your way!

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