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Carrom Pool MOD APK Unlimited Coins Gems

Carrom Pool

Unlimited coins and gems are unlimited in Carrom Pool mod apk. You’ll be able to get premium chests from there, which can contribute to stronger strikers or pucks. For a better gaming experience, increase your strength, goal, and time.

Game Overview

Name Carrom Pool
Dev Miniclip.com
Package com.miniclip.carrom
Category Pool
MOD Version 4.4
Similar to 8 Ball Pool, Badminton League

Carriage Disk Pool

Presented by Miniclip, known as Bowmasters, Archery King, Flip Master and Bowling King, a digital carriage game is now available to be known as the Carrom Pool game. Now that Carrom is not only played in the villages, it can be competitively played online against global players.

For players who have been playing billard games on smartphones, the controls used by Carrom’s Disk Pool will certainly make you comfortable. Just touch and pull your touch in the direction of the main disc called Striker in the opposite direction and release the touch to move in that direction.

In Carrom Disc Pool, Disk Pool and Carrom, there are two types of carroom games. In Disc Pool, players are given some colorful pieces to fit into a hole at the edge of the board. The player’s job is to enter all their colors before the opponent first enters his own. Anyone who manages to finish their color pieces wins. In Carrom mode, players have to insert red disk parts and cover them with their own colored parts.

Real Player Competition

Similar to games such as Bowling King and Archery King of Miniclip, Disc Pool Carrom also has an online fashion in which players can compete against carriage players from all over the world, betting a certain amount of money. Each league has its own entrance fees, and higher leagues certainly have higher entry fees.

The playfield is only ordinary, seen from above, but you can customize your carrom! There are many traffic seeds and strikers in the game that can be released to give your own traffic seeds a unique style with varied stats. After that, you can show off how cool your carrom style is to other players online.

As usual, Miniclip also provides free, also free play, Carrom Disk Pool for this mobile phone. Play limits are the availability of money to join the league. If players lose too often, they will go bankrupt and have a hard time competing again to wait for daily gambling donations. The players can buy coins and premium currency Gems for microtransactions where Gems are useful to buy premium customization items.

MOD Feature: Coins Gems

Carrom Pool MOD APK Screenshot

Using Carrom Pool cheats, you can get unlimited money. Using them to boost the opponent’s play. The Disk Pool Carrom mod apk will certainly assist you in tremendously growing your stats.

Download Carrom Pool MOD APK

Miniclip is very fond of making this sort of online tournament games, naming it Bowling King and Archery King, so it’s no wonder they make one for carrot games. Certainly you don’t have to think about bringing a board and seed if you want to battle your mates, because it’s already easy with Carrom’s Disc Pool. Come enter the Carrom Pool tournament and show to the world that you are the true Carrom King.

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