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Air Combat Online MOD APK Unlimited Diamonds

Air Combat Online

Our Air Combat Online mod apk comes with an unlimited diamonds. They will be used to acquire and update plans. You will conveniently receive any perk as well.

Game Overview

Name Air Combat Online
Dev VOLV Interactive
Package com.volvapps.ef3.x
Category Flight Simulator
MOD Version 4.5
Similar to Ace Force: Joint Combat, Modern Air Combat: Team Match

Pilot Mission Attack

Tired of playing land games, you can try this android game and you’ll be satisfied because you are excited to be a fighter pilot. Compared to other war games, Air Combat Online has its own unique characteristics which you have never experienced in similar combat games.

As the name implies, you are invited to become a fighter pilot and fight online, so Air Combat Online offers you an interesting concept. When starting this game there are several choices of fighter aircrafts which can be used, divided into classes such as Class B, A, S and Class X which can only be used in a certain time.

Every aircraft must be bought in gold and crystal at a very costly but quiet price for class X; when you are playing Survival Mode you have the opportunity to try it. There are many game modes in Air Combat Online, not only the survival, but also other modes, such as Career and Class Challange.

Each game mode will certainly provide Gold and xp, which means that the more gold you win, the more gold you buy and upgrade the new aircraft. You can also get rewards in versus mode, in the form of medals which are later used to determine the world ranking.

Recall Priority

There are three components which must take priority in playing Air Combat Online and which must be upgraded immediately: the armor which strengthens the aircraft against several attacks, the engines which can increase the aircraft speed and the wings that determine aircraft stability during battle.

You can use the default control, which is guided by the compass to play the Air Combat Online game by moving the handle, which can slide right and left. But you can do this by “twice clicking” on the pause button in the top right corner of your screen if you want to make changes to control settings.

There are 2 arrows on the left side of the screen, and the top is used to raise speed while the down arrow is braking. On the upper side, two bars are green as an armor indicator and the color as an indicator of aircraft energy can be used. In addition, on the right side of the screen, the type of weapons and the quantity are shown.

MOD Feature: Diamonds

Air Combat Online MOD APK Screenshot

You will get unlimited money with Air Combat Online cheats. You can turn diamonds into unlimited gold by using the diamonds mod that we got.

Download Air Combat Online MOD APK

The technique of updating different components of aircraft will decide the result as long as you are in career phase and mode, so don’t forget to update first and then worry about other things like purchasing an aircraft and so on.

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