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Age of Wushu Dynasty MOD APK Unlimited Gold

Age of Wushu Dynasty

The key currency in this game is Unlimited Gold, which you can get by using Age of Wushu Dynasty mod apk. You can buy almost everything with gold, such as a regular gift without having to wait until tomorrow.

Game Overview

Name Age of Wushu Dynasty
Dev Snail Games USA Inc
Package com.snailgameusa.aowd
Category Action
MOD Version 4.6
Similar to Sword of Shadows, Fairy State

Japanese Traditional Action Games

Age of Wushu is a martial arts, a Suzhou Snail Electronic Inc. online game (Snail Games). In the world market this game was quite successful, even Gemscool opened its local server. The developer known as Snail Games finally produced his mobile version, the Age of the Wushu Dynasty. Until now, this game is only restricted to Canada and is still in the close beta stage.

However, the Snail Games have announced the worldwide release of the Wushu Dynasty Age soon. You will still play as a Jianghu country warrior, carrying the story of the classic series. To start the adventure, players can select four different martial arts styles. But Wushu Dynasty Age is going to have another gameplay.

Select Your Classes

As I said before, four martial classes will be offered to you. Each class has its own fighting skills. The four martial classes from which you can choose:

Wushu Dynasty Age To beat his enemies, Shaolin uses a stick. Is a martial class with the widest range of aggression between other classes. Almost all Shaolin combos are attacked in a wide range with a strong punch, making it easier for many enemies to be eliminated at once.

Wushu Dynasty Age Contrary to Shaolin, who focused on wide-ranging attacks and high power of attack, Wudang, who was armed with a sword, concentrated on his protection. He also has great inner energy in the field of healing. Wudangs’ style of combat is more about puncture and dash. Wudang is therefore more suitable for one fight.

Wushu Dynasty Age Emei was a martial artist who was fighting two daggers. He can fight with very agile and deadly movements from a close range. Moreover, Emei can fly his dagger, attacking enemies quickly in a sufficiently large area. The Emei class between attack and defense is the most balanced.

The age of the Wushu Dynasty Tangmen can be described as a speed and agility similar to Emei. But the difference is that Tangmen have only one dagger as a weapon. Although its attacks are weaker, Tangmen has a deadly critical attack and poison. It is also very suitable for one fight.

No news from this Age of the Wushu Dynasty is available. What’s clear is that this game is an Android and iOS mobile online game. Later, you will have lots of interesting features such as new equipment, guilds, PvP with other players.

MOD Feature: Gold

Age of Wushu Dynasty MOD APK Screenshot

The game would definitely be more fun if you use Age of Wushu Dynasty cheats. Of course, you will purchase any of the things in the store that will make your character develop stronger. You may purchase jade or jade passes, as well as other valuable pieces.

Download Age of Wushu Dynasty MOD APK

This time, you can play the game as you do in other mobile-style action games. There are various buttons that are available to be used on the left screen and buttons that allow you to execute attacks and use skills on the right screen. In addition to being able to leap and float in the air, there are also buttons for that.

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